Thursday, June 16, 2011

First look: Vidya Balan reveals her curvy side in The Dirty Picture

We and many have been talking about the looks of the sweet and sexy Vidya Balan depicting the character of Silk Smitha in the film The Dirty Picture. Now it is time to stop the talk and start to watch. The first look of Vidya Balan has been made public by the film makers.
It has been a look that one might never have imagined of Vidya Balan. So, obviously, it is the first time that Vidya will be seen in such a get-up. The first look got a very warm response from the fans of Vidya. It was a pleasure to watch Vidya in that kind of an image.
Vidya Balan also spoke about and praised the way Silk Smitha was during her hay days. She was a sex bomb – literally. She was the dream of every man. No doubt, Silk Smitha was a curvaceous woman. But don’t underestimate Vidya too.
Vidya Balan is also a very sexy lady when she exposes it in the right way. So it is very easy to draw a comparison between Vidya and Silk Smitha. Well, no wonder, Vidya too has the ability to give men sleepless nights with her very chanting figure.