Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mallika Sherawat is the true desi girl

Priyanka Chopra might have been portrayed as the desi girl in the song from Dostana or Salman Khan might have tagged Kareena Kapoor as the original desi girl. However, we would like to defer on this count. It would be unfair to drop Mallika Sherawat from the list of the desi girls.
Now, you will be surprised to know that why we are trying to tag Mallika Sherawat as the desi girl. Well, she has really understood the importance of Indian clothing. The reason? Oh well, she has got too fed up of wearing the sinking necklines. She was recently seen – all ‘covered up’ – an image, you will rarely find about Mallika.
Mallika Sherawat was spotted at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend and Awards. On the first day, she was seen, or rather not seen in the usual gowns that she wears at such film festivals. The revealing dress too was seen missing from Mallika.
Imagine what, Mallika was seen in a golden colored saree and a completely simple blouse, through which you could hardly see her assets. It was a complete surprise for the fans of Mallika as they are not used to such dresses.
“I was getting bored of them (low neck dresses and gowns)”, Mallika Sherawat replied when asked about the change in her clothing.