Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minissha Lamba is a hot nurse in Bheja Fry 2

There have been a lot of talks about the upcoming film Bheja Fry 2 and the protagonist in the movie, Vinay Pathak. However, there has been very little talk about Minissha Lamba. The Indian beauty has been inspired by the looks of Darryl Hannah from Kill Bill 1.
Minissha had no problems in wearing the same dress for the promos of the film. However, finding the cap for herself proved to be a daunting task for her. The cap worn by Darryl Hannah is one of its kinds it was not easy finding exactly the same type of cap for Minissha as well.
However, in reality, it was Ekta Kapoor who got the credit for this characterization even when Ekta has no part to play in the movie anyhow. Minissha confirms that the success stories are recognized instantly, but no one cares to know what efforts went in it. She even said that she wanted to dedicate the character to a woman and found no one better than that of Ekta Kapoor.
The film Bheja Fry 2 is all set to release soon and is expected to do well at the box office. you can also see tag lines such as “The original idiot is back”.