Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emraan Hashmi fed up of the serial-kisser tag

The kissing acts in his movies might have made Emraan Hashmi one of the most popular actors in Bollywood today. However, the serial-kisser tag is haunting him for many many days now. But the tag did not stick him for nothing. After all, he has kissed and kissed hard almost every leading lady opposite whom he was cast.
However, Emraan Hashmi does not mind the content being of sexual nature. If the script or the story demands it, it is fine for him. But personally speaking, he is very annoyed with being addressed as a serial-kisser.
He even went on to say that, if the tag was removed from his name, he is ready to do such films all his life. But at any cost, he wants the tag of serial-kisser to go away from him. He preferred to be called as a serial-killer rather than a serial-kisser.
But why is it that he is called so? Certainly, it is not for nothing. After all, he has kissed in his films like Murder, (Murder 2 – which will be released shortly), Zeher, Gangster and Crook being one of the last films where he has lavishly locked his lips against beautiful looking ladies on screen.
Well Mr. Hashmi, you keep kissing yourself and yet don’t want to be tagged as a serial-kisser, how is this possible?