Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elizabeth Hurley had infatuation with Shane Warne?

Actress Elizabeth Hurley has said that, she fell for Australian bowling wizard Shane Warne, just for the looks. “It was love at first sight”, Elizabeth Hurley said. It is the first time that she has spoken openly about her affair with Warne, since their news reports started to surface since the last year. They became stronger after her famous split from her businessman husband Arun Nayar.
Elizabeth Hurley is certainly a satisfied woman as she thinks she has met the right kind of a person. She said that one does not often meet people with whom they can get comfortable. She also said that both come from a different background yet they are on the same wavelength.
The actress termed their relationship as a ‘challenge’ as they have very few or almost nothing in common. Neither is there any similarity in their profession nor in their family backgrounds. Elizabeth Hurley also said that the challenge comes as they live almost 23 hours apart from each other.