Friday, July 29, 2011

Beyonce Knowles is a hardcore Lady Gaga fan

It is hard for one individual to praise the other when both are in the same field. But Beyonce Knowles is not one such. Another singer, Lady Gaga is an icon for her and Beyonce Knowles loves Lady Gaga like anything, in Beyonce’s own words ‘to death’.
I love Gaga. I mean, if she didn't perform and she wasn't a singer, just as a human being I love her to death. But on top of it, she is the most talented pop star right now, and I'm so happy for her”, a popular website, femalefirst.co.uk quoted Beyonce Knowles as saying.
Actually, Beyonce Knowles takes inspiration from Lady Gaga. She thinks of her to be a performer who can create her own destiny. Beyonce love her for her talent like writing her own songs, composing them and also choreographing them to perfection.
Beyonce Knowles left no stone unturned in praising Lady Gaga. She said that she deserved it and all the more yet. Last year, Beyonce Knowles had collaborated with Lady Gaga and since then Beyonce has said that she loved working with Lady Gaga.