Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rihanna wants to be treated like a lady in bedroom

Rihanna is a person [read lady] who likes to be dominated in her bedroom. At times Rihanna wants to get a feeling like that of a woman, a lady. What she feels is that, she has dominated every field in her life. She has taken charge of the works like that of a man.
But at times, she wants to get the feeling of a woman. And according to her, she can get the feeling only in a bedroom. She wants to get dominated during sex and hates the feeling that there too it would be she to do the entire surge ahead.
Rihanna said that a guy can become a man and a lady can be a woman only in a bedroom and this is where she wants to be one – a woman in bed. That is why Rihanna detests the idea if she would have to take control in the bedroom too.
On the other hand, Rihanna is very cautious of the fact how she behaves herself when it comes to the public eye. She said that as she is a public figure, there are a lot of limitations to her every move. She has to behave herself as there are a lot of youngsters who follow you.