Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who looks hotter Minissha Lamba or Pia Trivedi

The catfight between actresses in Bollywood would hardly ever end. The latest is between Minissha Lamba and Pia Trivedi. Of course, both are beautiful ladies. But the fight is to prove the ‘more’ factor. Who is ‘more’ beautiful? Who is ‘more’ hot (well, we mean hotter)? Such things are but likely to happen when two ladies come together.
Why didn’t anyone say, let the older actress decide? The problem would have been solved in a jiffy.
Well, jokes apart, but the fight was a real serious one. Both the ladies are cast in the film Hum Tum Shabana. Actually, the problem started when the song Music Bandh Mat Karo was to be shot on the sets of the film. The sets were turned into a nightclub for the song.
The song was to indicate the entry of Minissha Lamba in the film. However, when Minissha Lamba entered the sets, she saw that Pia Trivedi looks hotter and more glamorous than her. However, the dress that Minissha was wearing was changed and the song was shot.
Later it came to light through a source from Minissha Lamba that, the outfit that Pia Trivedi was wearing was supposed to be Minissha’s outfit. However, Pia Trivedi has done more damage to her than to Minissha. She wanted more of screen space and time.
These demands did not go too well with the director and the producer. They have taken a firm decision of not ever working with Pia Trivedi ever again.
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