Monday, July 11, 2011

Ram Gopal Varma SMSed to Not A Love Story heroine Mahie Gill

After the years Ram Gopal Varma has spent in the film industry, why on earth did he need to SMS Mahie Gill, the leading leady of his film Not A Love Story? The real reason for the SMS is that RGV had to say ‘sorry’ to Mahie. But what was the need for the seasoned director to say so?
Comparatively Mahie Gill is lesser experienced and did not deserve to be said ‘sorry’, at least for professional reasons. Yes, there was nothing personal between Ram Gopal Varma and Mahie Gill. It was all about the contents of the film that hurt RGV. Of course, the contents were of erotic nature.
Actually, Mahie Gill has a couple of steamy scenes with Deepak Dobriyal. And it was clear that Ram Gopal Varma was uncomfortable with the scenes. They were of some real erotic nature and it hurt the director. RGV left the scenes do be directed by his assistant director.
However, there was a very pro-like approach from Mahie Gill, who looked above her experience and age. Mahie took the scenes in a completely professional manner and that is why she felt comfortable about them. Mahie thinks that she and Deepak did their job and that’s it.