Sunday, July 10, 2011

Katie Price finds marriages are excessively expensive

For well-known celebrities there is nothing that can be expensive in their eyes. However, they cannot afford everything under the sun. Model Katie Price is one such example. She finds marriages are to be a tad too ‘expensive’. But what has made Katie think this? Of course, she will not make this statement without some bad experience.
As a matter of fact, Katie Price went through a couple of marriages and unfortunately, both of them proved to be an unsuccessful attempt to settle down in life. This has brought Katie to such a decision, where she says she won’t ever marry again in life. And yes, these statements are made in the most honest way possible.
“It’s too expensive to get married and more expensive to get divorce”, Katie says referring to marriage and divorce. Her first marriage was with singer Peter Andre. After that, she married cage fighter Alex Reid. However, both the marriages could not sustain much longer.
At present she is dating Argentinean model Leandro Penna.