Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is Paris Hilton pregnant?

Recently, Paris Hilton got the scare of her life, when she feared that she got pregnant. When on one hand, motherhood brings joy to a woman, Paris got scared. Well, unplanned pregnancies can give you scare. Anyways, Paris suddenly felt an excessive desire for food and apart from that there were some extra kilos of flesh that mounted on the lady.
The awful and awkward moments came to light during her reality show The World According To Paris. During this show, those scenes were beamed which brought the ‘reality’ in front of the entire world. What could Paris have done in such a situation is really a matter of great courage, for a person who was never mentally prepared for pregnancy at the time.
Her boyfriend Cy Waits, then had a horrible time. The first thing he did was he rushed to get a pregnancy test for her. While the test was being done, both Paris and Cy Waits looked worried. However, as the test came negative, Paris heaved a sigh of relief.
On the other hand, Cy looked disappointed. He was melt down alright, but he accepted the fact that they were not ready to have a baby at that time. However, Cy Waits did mention that he would have loved to have a baby from Paris.