Friday, July 22, 2011

Bhatts used pictures of Pinki Gaur in Murder 2 without consent

 This time around, the Vishesh Films banner, which made Murder 2 is in trouble, curtsey Pinki Gaur. Pinki Gaur is a lesser known model who is also an actress by profession. The Bhatts used her images almost indiscriminately, to top it all, without her consent.
Pinki Gaur’s photograph is used in a scene where an agent is showing his client, pictures of prostitutes. This is where Pinki’s image is shown on the screen. However, Pinki is taken aback when she saw the clipping. According to her, she had never given her photo to anyone, then how come the photo is seen in the film?
However, a friend of Pinki works with the Bhatts. Through that friend, Pinki came to know that they had got the photograph through a model coordinator. The model gets furious about this issue and rightly so. She further says that there was no agreement and neither was there any contract about the picture.
Pinki does not want her photo to be used in the film just for the sake of it. Why she gets annoyed is due to the fact that the picture was used in a scene that shows her as a prostitute.
No wonder, the small time actress is thinking about sending a legal notice to the Bhatts. However, Mahesh Bhatt says that there could be a possible goof-up by the people concerned, who arranged the photos for that particular scene.
He even said that it would be better if the matter is solved in an arbitrary manner and that Vishesh Films is ready to apologize as well.