Wednesday, July 27, 2011

British singer Amy Winehouse cremated on Tuesday

The short-lived British singer Amy Winehouse was finally led to rest on Tuesday – three days after her death. It was an entirely a private funeral that was attended by close friends of the singer as well as the family, which took place at the Edgwarebury Cemetery.
There was no hullabaloo about cremation ceremony in any form.
Amongst those prominent who was present was Mark Robson. Robson was the producer of a radio show in the United States where Amy Winehouse’s songs were played. Kelly Osbourne, a prominent figure in the media world was also present on the occasion amongst the mourners.
It is needless to say that fans were present on the occasion to pay their last respects to the departed soul. Photographers were also present to get the last shots of the immensely popular singer, who had taken the world by storm with her many popular albums, one of them being the Back to Black.
The atmosphere got emotional when Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father read out an tribute to his daughter.