Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pixie Lott teams up with a modeling agency

Pixie Lott has gone a step forward in her professional career. She is an acclaimed singer and already owns an outfit range. She has now decided to team up with a modeling organization. Select Models Management is the agency with which Pixie Lott has got into association with. No doubt, she is more than thrilled and excited with her new beginning in her life.
Her reason for excitement is quite understandable as fashion has been very close to her heart at all times. Experimenting with looks is what she likes to do and Pixie Lott has done that, lots of times in her real life. That is why the experimentation on fashion was nothing new to her.
Looking good and presentable needs a bit of help from fashion. Without that it might not buck up your personality. For a pro like Pixie Lott, it holds a lot of importance. That is why getting into an association with a modeling agency was to happen one day or the other.
For Pixie Lott, singing and fashion go hand-in-hand. She has always found experimenting with various kinds of fashion apparel an exciting affair. According to Pixie, the designing job for her own store Lipsy has been the most satisfying work ever.