Monday, July 18, 2011

The famous TV serial Hum Log to be remade in a new avatar

The popular TV serial Hum Log is coming back on the small screen to take you in those good old nostalgic days. The serial was famous, well-liked and immensely popular in the 1980s. However, the serial is very likely to come forward in a completely new avatar. The new serial will be titled Hum.
In reality there is a strange story behind Hum. You can call the new serial a sequel to the 1984 soup opera. However, as sequels come out very instinctively on the parts of either the director or the producer, the same is not the case with Hum. Actually, it is a ‘forced’ decision on part of the government.
Some days back, a question was raised in the Parliament questioning the absence of TV serials like Hum Log. This is when the Information and Broadcasting Ministry swung into action and the slow tortoise-like movements started for the new serial. Shobha Doctor, who produced the immensely popular show, was given a call to show up at the Director General’s office.
She then came up with the brand new story of Hum. Shobha Doctor, however, will not produce the serial this time. On her say, Pulse Media was given the responsibility to produce the new show. This time, Shobha will only mentor the show.
The new story revolves around five women in a village in North Bihar.