Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not A Love Story difficult: Mahi Gill

Mahi Gill, who plays the lead role in the film Not A Love Story, says that, she found it difficult, to work in the film. The film is based on the true incident of the murder of Neeraj Grover, who was a TV executive. The film Not A Love Story is directed by the veteran director Ram Gopal Varma.
Mahi says that, in the preliminary part of the film, she found the going easy. However, it was the part of the murder and its surroundings that took the toll on her. Well, there are reasons for Mahi to feel a little odd to work in the part that she is mentioning.
Actually, the real crime also took place in the same building; or let us say, the shooting of the film is carried out at the same building where the crime took place. That is why at times it was playing on the mind of Mahi Gill. She wondered how the real murder would have taken place inside such a small room.
The shooting of the film is almost over and is in the process of getting ready for the August 19 release. Deepak Dobriyal and Ajay Gehi are the two male leads in the film.