Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lady Gaga interested in Hinduism and reincarnation

A couple of days ago we had reported to you about Lady Gaga shooting for an Indian television show for the first time. Now, there is one more piece of info about the singer diva. It is being reported that Lady Gaga is taking keen interest in Hinduism and is attracted towards it.
Lady Gaga, who was born as, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, said that there are a lot of similarities in her philosophies and those she finds in Hinduism. She specifically spoke of the belief of reincarnation. This is one such belief, which is one of the foremost in the Hindu religion.
Apart from reincarnation, Hinduism has strong beliefs in moksha, which is the ultimate goal for a human being.
The Universal Society of Hinduism, in the United States has welcomed the interest shown by Lady Gaga. The society has expressed interest in helping Lady Gaga understand Hinduism better. For that, they are ready to help her in the best way possible.
Lady Gaga was raised and lived as a Roman Catholic. However, the interest in Hinduism from LG’s side is not the first of its kind. Hollywood star and Oscar Award winner Julia Roberts is another celebrity who has come in the Hinduism branch.