Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saif Ali Khan doesn’t allow anyone to touch 'Kareena'

You should not be surprised if you hear that Saif Ali Khan does not allow anyone to touch Kareena. Well, is Kareena Saif’s personal property? But she is not married to him yet. And anyways, a wife cannot be called as a ‘property’. Then why is it that Saif is guarding Kareena up to that extent?
As a matter of fact, ‘Kareena’ is the tattoo on his forearm we are talking about. Saif Ali, who has got a tattoo on his forearm, is his very cautious about these things. He has not given the permission to anyone to touch it – even for the makeup men on the sets of the films for which he is shooting.
It is but obvious that Kareena Kapoor herself is the only other person who is allowed to touch ‘Kareena’. While doing make up for his character in the film Aarakshan, he was cautious of ‘Kareena’. As he plays the character of a Dalit, he required some sort of makeup.
However, he did not allow anyone to touch his forearm. He did all the makeup on his forearm all by himself, where ‘Kareena’ mattered the most.
After all, the love speaks for itself. In Saif’s case, it shows for itself!