Saturday, July 23, 2011

No nude dance in Kim Kardashian party

The sexy lady, Kim Kardashian is all but ready for her upcoming bachelorette party. Just imagine how gorgeous a party would be of a lady who herself is so sexy and always carries the appeal with her. However, there will be one thing peculiar in this party and it is the dance.
Yes, we are talking about the dance in the party. To make things clearer, there will be no nude dance in Kim Kardashian’s party this time around. However, sister Khole has some other plans. She has plans of ‘embarrassing’ her sister with her party (please read between the lines at your own risk).
Kim Kardashian said that she will not be into this type of party and also expressed hope that there will be nothing of that sort. However, Kim did not deny attending the party and said that she will be there with a very open mind.
Male strippers have also been a part of Kim Kardashian’s parties before. However, Kim’s friend Brittny Gastineau said that this time there will not be anyone (male) who would be stripping.