Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jennifer Lopez celebrates birthday ignoring Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez turned 42 on Sunday. The beautiful diva was born on June 24 1969. However, Marc Anthony was not to be seen anywhere with Jennifer Lopez before, during or after her birthday celebrations. There was hardly a thought on her mind about Marc Anthony and she seemed to be the least concerned about him.
Certainly, Jennifer Lopez would have been the last person to care for Marc Anthony. It shows that she partied with 16 of her close friends and relatives. The family members included her mother and sister. Her stylist and manager were also to be seen during her birthday party. But where was Marc Anthony?
Jennifer Lopez was looking cute and sexy in a purple and silver evening dress. There were celebrations as J. Lo. cut the cake and sang. She seemed to be cut away from the world and was lost in a world of her own. However, she did not speak a word about her split with Marc Anthony.
In 2009, when Marc Anthony was travelling in a private airplane, he is said to have got hooked with a beautiful attendant on board. However, it is not only a one-way traffic for Jennifer Lopez to ignore Marc Anthony from the celebrations. Actually, both have filed for a divorce already.