Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bhatts working on Murder 3

Even as the news of Murder 2 has not stopped, than we find ourselves talking about news of Murder 3. Yes, the Bhatt camp has already announced the next sequel to Murder. The film Murder will soon be a trilogy now. Well, it is not only the news that we are talking of, but there are some concrete steps taking by the Bhatts.
The writing for the film has already got underway. No doubt, Murder 2 is on its way to becoming the biggest hit of the year. Seeing the success of the film, both Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt want the film to be made much sooner than what they have planned earlier.
The Bhatts are so excited about the third part of Murder, that they have even ‘ordered’ director Mohit Suri to leave all his work and get going for Murder 3. Mukesh Bhatt has even declared that by the mid-2012, one should see Murder 3 out.
As Mohit Suri has been put on ‘special duty’ on an urgent basis, so is Shagufta Rarique. Shagufta had written Murder 2. She has again been hired for Murder 3. There was just a hint of the fact that it will once more be Emraan Hashmi in the male lead of Murder 3.
The female lead and other characters are yet to be finalized.