Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Poonam Pandey promises to strip ‘shortly’

We have had a lot of this girl, Poonam Pandey and we are literally tired of writing her falsehoods again and again. But it is so interesting to speak about it, that we are forced to write a few sentences about her newest gimmicks. And yes, she knows how to remain in the news.
So, here is what she is saying again. According to Poonam, she has already striped 50 per cent. Well, the sense behind saying this is, she has showed her body in the bikini a lot many times. The latest mendacity – hope we call it not, has also sprung up.
Poonam Pandey has said that she will not be waiting for four more years for India to win another edition of the World Cup before she strips again. But there will be a surprise in store for the fans, she said. Wearing a bikini is the easiest thing for her, Poonam has said.
We are sure the words ‘the rest will happen soon’ and ‘there is a surprise’ has taken the joy out of the words and even Poonam for that matter. We doubt, how many fans Poonam has after all the lambasting she has done over the feelings of her ‘so-called’ fans by promising to strip.