Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez feels sexy in a wet chiffon sari

The Indian costume has finally been appreciated one more time yet. Jacqueline Fernandez feels that being wet in a chiffon sari is a very sexy feeling for her. Jacqueline Fernandez was referring to the wet Mumbai rains. She says that the rains in the city are one of her most exciting experiences. It gives her a sexy feeling.
She also praised the seashore and the atmosphere there is when it is raining. Jacqueline said that she likes the rains and likes to have a walk in the drizzle. However, she further said that the joy of all this is a lot times more if there is the person you love with you. However, she did not say about whom she was talking.
She pointed out the couples who make marry in the rains and on the rocks at the seaside. She would also like to indulge in some fun in the rains with a hot cup of tea, Jacqueline said. This is when she said that she likes the rain songs a lot where actresses get wet in chiffon saris.