Thursday, July 28, 2011

Katie Price wants more husbands

It seems the hunger of the sexy model Katie Price does not seem to end anytime now. When there are celebrities who fear going into a relationship for fear of breaking it or the fear of divorce, Katie Price is going stronger and stronger. Certainly, she might not be taking it seriously, otherwise, it is mentally hard to part with your partner with whom you have taken vows to remain for the entire life.
Katie Price is 33 years old and wants to have more husbands and of course, kids too.
She already has had two marriages and two divorces as of now. Her first marriage was with Peter Andre. Katie and Peter have had two kids between them. After her divorce with Peter, Katie then married Alex Reid. Katie lived with Alex only for one year and divorced.
I will also have more kids, more horses and probably more husbands, about 12, I expect!, this is what Katie Price told in the most suitable manner possible for her. No one knows who her next husband will be and when she how long will she live with him.