Friday, July 8, 2011

Should there be a pregnancy clause for actresses?

The news of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan getting pregnant has sparked off a completely new debate in the tinsel town – should there be a pregnancy clause for actresses? This is really a debate worth taking up. Most logically, the clause should exist as the director and the producer get an idea of the time they have on their hands.
However, Beauty Queen Sushmita Sen and director Ram Gopal Varma have their own views on the same. According to them, there is no need for the introduction of the pregnancy clause.
If anyone might have lost his dream project due to Ash’s pregnancy, then it is Madhur Bhandarkar. Generally, the news of pregnancy is considered to be a good one for anyone close to you. However, Madhur is the recipient of one of the most shocking news he might have received in his life.
T.P Agarwal, who is the President, Film Federation of India, is of the opinion that the pregnancy clause should exist. Both the parties – the director/producer and the actress are aware of what comes in next. He also gave the reference that this clause does exist in some other parts of the world.
It is for the insurance companies to take care of the losses suffered during the shooting of the film. Still in India, there isn’t the custom of paying the producers by the insurance company if an actress gets pregnant.
Maybe, the pregnancy of Aishwarya Rai was just a medium of implementing this law in the coming days for Bollywood too. Who know!
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