Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kareena Kapoor clarifies relationship with Saif Ali Khan

After being in a relationship with Saif Ali Khan for around four years now, Kareena Kapoor is certainly a tired girl now. Well, what is she tired of? Of late, Kareena has been answering the same old questions about her relationship with her beau. The questions started arising after there were news about some differences cropping up between her and Saif.
She once again made it clear that, there was nothing to make anything clear again. Everything was going on well between her and Saif and still is. She even said that whatever the fans heard, were all rumors and there was no truth in the news. She was speaking during the launch of the new range of Sony Vaio laptops.
It was and is still unclear when the two will finally tie the knot. Such questions were put before her; however, she decided not to answer them. However, Kareena showed her political side when she said that everyone will know about her marriage as she will be making an official announcement about it.
It was nice going for Kareena in the initial part of her relationship. But the reports surfacing these days are not drawing the same good old picture of hers. Anyways, time has the answers to all the questions!