Friday, July 8, 2011

Preity Zinta is busy learning the French language

There is nothing stopping the sexy Preity Zinta when it comes to learning something new. She is currently learning the French language. Would sound it rather surprising what a Bollywood babe has to do with a language that has nothing to do with her or her profession? Well, after all she is a pro and won’t be doing it for nothing.
Actually, Preity Zinta is in Paris these days. She is there with the cast and crew of the film she is producing. Yes, you heard that right. Preity has turned a producer and she is making her debut in Paris. In the film, Preity plays the character of a girl who is half-Indian and half-French.
She will be there for a couple of months. Now, as she is playing the character of a half-French girl, she obviously needs to speak French. That is why she is taking lessons. She wants to play the character with a lot of conviction.
Even the director of the film, Prem Soni was of the opinion that, Preity should speak French herself and not get the dialogues dubbed. This strengthened the feelings and confidence of Preity to vigorously go for her French lessons.
Even though this is Preity’s first film as a producer, she does not mind shooting in Paris – one of the costliest cities in the world for shooting purposes.