Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Model Christie Brinkley has no plans of marrying again

Model Christie Brinkley wants to keep away from marriage for the rest of her life. The reason for Christie Brinkley not taking for the marriage institution is that, she things it is ‘ridiculous’. Well, let us feel for Christie Brinkley for a while. After all, she married four times in her life.
However, all the four marriages were complete failures for her. It is understood that Christie took the decision of not getting married for the fifth time, is because she has had bitter memories of her last divorce in 2008. She divorced from her husband Peter Cook.
After that incident, Christie Brinkley does not see any reason why she should walk the aisle again. Christie thinks that the vows taken during the marriage have no meaning as they are often overlooked and not rewarded for when kept. Divorces obviously gave her more pain than anything else. That is why she made up her mind to remain single all her life.
Christie Brinkley has three children from her four marriages.
A couple of days ago we had reported about model Katie Price not in favor of getting married again. Like Christie Brinkley, Katie Price is also a model.