Monday, July 25, 2011

Model Poonam Pandey thinks Rs. 2 cr. less for stripping

Model Poonam Pandey is again in the news now. This time the news is about her the sum offered to her. According to reports spreading in the media, the model has been offered a sum of Rs. 2 cr. to strip on that show. However, Poonam Pandey is of honest opinion that, this amount is ‘too less’ to strip on national television.
When probed about the news, Poonam says that, she has no idea about the offer made to her. She further said that, she came to know about it only when she read it on a web site. Accroding to Poonam Pandey, she has been getting offers from as many as 30 reality shows and she has yet accepted none of them.
The reason for not accepting these lucrative offers is that, Poonam Pandey wants to shine in Bollywood. She wants to prove her talents in the film world rather than remaining confined to the small screen or reality shows. That is why she is waiting for the right film to come her way.
As far as the films go, Poonam Pandey is banking on Salman Khan for obvious reasons and Poonam knows the reasons very well. Salman Khan has been known to launch newcomers through his films and Poonam Pandey thinks that Sallu will do the same for her as well.
Let’s see if Salman Khan is listening!