Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Bipasha Basu dating Shahid Kapoor?

After her famous split with her boyfriend John Abraham, Bipasha Basu is finding love. The latest man in her life is Shahid Kapoor. Yes, it is the same Shahid Kapoor who once could barely live without first Kareena Kapoor and then Priyanka Chopra. Bipasha and Shahid is one pair one would have hardly thought of. But what has brought them together?
Bipasha Basu and Shahid Kapoor came close to each other due to their fitness freakiness. It is the passion for the fitness that is supposed to have brought them together. Then they bonded well with each other. Coming close was only a matter of time.
After her split from John Abraham, Bipasha Basu was linked with Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. Both Bipasha and Josh was the leading pair of the film Singularity. It was around the same time that Josh too had reportedly split from his girlfriend. However, they proved to be nothing more than rumors and Bipasha was left alone again.
However, for the fans of Kareena and Priyanka, the news of Bipasha getting hooked to Shahid Kapoor might come as a shocker.