Tuesday, July 5, 2011

War of words between Madhur Bhandarkar and Aishwarya Rai continues

The war of words between Madhur Bhandarkar and Aishwarya Rai does not seem to be heading to any end at this point in time over the news of Aishwarya Rai getting pregnant. Not only the shooting of the film Heroine, but also the entire film has come under the risk of getting shelved for good.
Initially, the director of the film, Madhur Bhandarkar showed good sense towards the actress in the film. He also said that the health of Ash is more important than anything else. The production house had also echoed the same feelings. Putting these reasons forward, the shooting was stopped, though Ash was more than willing to continue.
However, Madhur Bhandarkar was upset on hearing the news of Ash getting pregnant as the film which is already going through bad weather. But later, as frustration took the better of him, he came out with his emotions flowing. He feels that Aishwarya did not tell them the truth of her getting pregnant.
Madhur Bhandarkar still feels that a lady should not be put to work when she is in a delicate state as pregnancy. However, there is very little that he can do now as it was the collective decision of the production house to stop the shooting of the film.
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