Friday, July 15, 2011

Bhatts want Prachi Desai to be sexier in Informer

After the string of successes of their steamy films with the likes of Emraan Hashmi, Mallika Sherawat and Jacqueline Fernandes, the Bhatts now want Prachi Desai to show off her sexiness in their upcoming film Informer. For that, they want Prachi to be bolder and show herself off. They are not averting to getting the ‘sexy’ tag to Prachi Desai.
Whoever the Bhatt camp has worked with, have been known as sexy women in the Hindi film industry. The hottest of the examples is that of Mallika Sherawat. Kangana Ranaut follows next as one of the sexy ladies who have worked with Bhatts. Jacqueline Fernandes is certainly in the line now.
Now, the next beautiful woman they want to work with is Prachi Desai. And if you guessed it right, then they want Prachi to go all out with the skin show. After all, that is what the Bhatt camp expects off Prachi. Now, it is also a challenge and a very lucrative offer which Prachi can hardly afford to let go.
After the breakup of Prachi from her mentor Ekta Kapoor, it is a good opportunity for her to show that she can do it in Bollywood without Ekta Kapoor too.