Sunday, July 10, 2011

The story behind Murder 2 sex bomb: Sulagna Panigrahi

Sulagna Panigrahi may not strike a chord with you. But it will be a household name soon after Murder 2 releases. Sulagna Panigrahi is a brand new face on the Bollywood horizon. Her entry into Bollywood was a smooth ride considering the fact that she is a newbie here.
Like any other girl, Sulagna Panigrahi had a dream of making it big in the entertainment industry and mainly Bollywood. However, she herself was surprised to get a chance in Murder 2. The Bhatts is a big banner. And to start off, getting a role in their film is certainly a question of destiny.
However, Sulagna Panigrahi managed to pocket the role in Murder 2. You will get an idea of how fortunate the beautiful actress is from the fact that, she never eve gave auditions for the role of Reshma in the film. In fact, the director Mohit Suri decided to cast her as soon as he saw her and had some conversation with her.
Sulagna Panigrahi says that she was asked to visit the office of Mohit Suri. It was TV producer Rajan Shahi who gave her the lead. Once at the office of the director, it was only a matter of time, before Sulagna Panigrahi was finalized for the role of Reshma.
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