Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lauryn Hill gives birth to her sixth child

Popular singer Lauryn Hill is said to have become a mother – for the sixth time now. Lauryn Hill gave birth to a baby boy this last weekend. However, the birth of the baby boy was not without its own problems. There were some complications in the umbilical cord of the baby. However, both the mother and the baby are fine now.
The good news about the birth of the baby boy had a shade of its darker side as well. The reason is that the identity of the father of the baby boy has keep kept under the wraps. Lauryn Hill has other five kids from her boyfriend Rohan Marley. However, it is surprising why the identity of this kid’s father has been kept a secret.
Some of the mystery got drifted away after Rohan Marley confirmed that he is not the father of Lauryn’s new kid. So whodunit is still guessing games. In fact, Rohan Marley congratulated the singer on the birth of the baby boy.

In Detroit last month, Lauryn Hill had declared that she was pregnant. She further said that she would be taking time off and would be away from her usual performances.