Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vikram Bhatt stung by Adah Sharma’s behavior

Adah Sharma is a well-known face in the ad world. She has had good reputation there. However, Vikram Bhatt, her mentor in Bollywood does not find her behavior too warm. Actually, Adah has given him a shocker. It is that sting that Vikram Bhatt might never have even thought of even in his wildest of dreams.
Vikram Bhatt is a godfather to Adah Sharma. She made her debut three years ago in his film titled 1920. Vikram Bhatt has again cast Adah in his next film Phirr.
However, this is when the problems started for the senior Bhatt. As a regulation event, Adah should have been with the promotional events of the film.
That is why, Vikram Bhatt is getting sleepless nights and is getting worried over the fact that, Adah Sharma is avoiding being present at the promotional events of Phirr. To top it all, she is also not ready to shoot for the promo music video for the same film.
Even the senior man in the industry is taken aback at the way Adah Sharma is behaving with him. He can hardly understand why she is doing so. This is certainly humiliating and insulting for a man of Vikram Bhatt’s caliber. However, he has denied that he may entertain any thoughts of calling her himself after it came to light that Adah is not taking calls from the Bhatt’s office.
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