Saturday, July 2, 2011

The wait is frustrating for Delhi Belly girl Poorna Jagannathan

The new face in the film Delhi Belly is Poorna Jagannathan. She had a debut in the Bollywood industry and that too directly in Aamir Khan’s film. Well, what more should a newcomer want? Anyone would be ready to go with such a lucrative offer. However, as the saying goes, ‘all that twinkles is not gold’.
Poorna Jagannathan went something like this. Though she had an Aamir Khan film to boast of, things did not go too well with her. Actually, it was more frustrating than anything else. It is not because of the fact that she is a new comer. But there are different reasons for this.
After Poorna Jagannathan completed her shooting, she waited and waited and waited. The waiting period was of one full year. That is what brought more restlessness and frustration to her. However, she is speaking all this after one full year; so naturally, it is the truth that is coming out.
Poorna Jagannathan was based in LA before she came to Bollywood. She was working in the field of advertising as a consumer and brand strategist. However, she started to grow dislike for her job and took acting course. And this is where we see her now – playing the lady love of Imran Khan.
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